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Credit Unions Are Different From Banks

“The advantages of credit unions are many, while the downsides are few.” Wrote on their members website. AARP reported that over 400,000 people moved their accounts from banks to enjoy the benefits of credit unions in October and November 2011 alone. Should you ask members or consumer advocates about the advantages of credit unions, you’ll hear a long list of pros, and few, cons. Even bank insiders, if they are honest, will express the benefits of credit unions.


Membership Benefits

Credit unions are not “fee junkies.” The benefits of credit unions include low fees. The credit union industry saved its members over $6 billion in fees in 2011 compared to average bank fees. You and your fellow members are owners of the credit union, unlike banks that are owned by Wall Street stock holders. Any profit at year end with the credit union belongs to you and all of our other loyal members.


How do I join?

$6.00 is required to open your Share Account (basic savings account) and you will need to provide two forms of identification (Example: Driver’s License and Social Security Card) to comply with the Patriot’s Act.


Rate Adjustments on CD’s


Skip-A-Payment Loan Program VRCU

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Field of Membership: Open to all employees and retirees of the ICRR, CNR, KCSRR, L&NWRR, and Vicksburg Southern Railroad; and groups having a common bond of association, occupation or residence within Warren County and adjacent counties and parishes that have been approved for inclusion in the field of membership by a majority vote of the board of directors; and their family members as defined by the board of directors. Currently such groups are: Medical Offices, Law Firms, Ergon and all schools opening in Vicksburg-Warren County (public, private and parochial).

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Low-cost loans are one of the greatest benefits of credit union membership. Whether you are financing your first car, need home improvements or a college education for your kids, you will find low rates, affordable payments and personal service right here at Vicksburg Railroad Credit Union.

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Savings Accounts

We offer a wide variety of savings accounts, including checking, regular savings, vacation accounts, Christmas club accounts, Certificate of Deposits (CD), and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

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Auto Prices

Find out automotive loan prices for new and used vehicles, as well as watercraft and motor cycles. This services is provided through Credit Union Services, LLC.

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