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The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 temporarily raised the basic limit on Federal Deposit Insurance Coverage from $100,000 to $250,000 per depositor through December 31, 2013.

Checking Accounts

With your checking account you get an ATM/Debit Card which allows you 24/7 access to your funds and provides a convenient way to make purchase anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.

Savings Accounts

  • Regular Savings — An account can be opened in minutes so please stop in soon and discuss our savings program.
  • Christmas Club Accounts — A small amount of savings on a weekly basis can be put aside to take care of the annual needs at this wonderful time of the year.
  • Vacation Account — You work long and tough hours throughout the year and deserve to reward your self with a no stress and exciting vacation. Get started today with a VRCU Vacation Account.
  • Certificate of Deposit — Share Certificates (Certificates of Deposit) are available at various terms and rates. See the rates on the DIVIDENDS page.
  • Individual Retirement Account — IRA’s: Periodic contributions and Payroll deduction is a great opportunity to begin or add to an IRA account. There is no minimum deposit to open an IRA account. You can begin small by contributing as little as $5.00 per day. In no time your deposits will add up. You can also move an existing IRA, annuity, or qualified retirement plan to the credit union to take advantage of our great rates and convenient service!
  • Share Checking — Visit with us and discuss this and the other type of accounts that are available.


  • New Auto Loans — New auto loans as low as ~ 2.99%
  • Used Auto Loans — 2008 and newer as low as 3.99%
    2002 – 2007 – 7.99%
    2001 & Older – 9.85%
  • CD Secured — The APR on a CD Secured Loan is 3.00% above rate CD is earning. The maximum length of the loan equals the maturity date of the CD.
  • Tractors – New & Used — New Tractor as low as 3.99%
    New & used tractors rates are posted on the LOAN RATES page.
  • Motor Homes – New & Used — New & used motor home rates are posted on the LOAN RATES page.
  • Campers, Travel Trailer – New & Used — New Camper as low as 5.99%
    New & used camper/travel trailer rates are posted on the LOAN RATES page.
  • Boat, Motor & Trailer – New & Used — New Boat, Motor & Trailer as low as 3.99%
    New & Used Boat, Motor & Trailer RATES are posted on LOAN RATES page.
  • Motorcycle – New & Used — New Motorcycle as low as 5.99%
    New & used motorcycle rates are posted on the LOAN RATES page.
  • 4 Wheeler – New & Used — New 4 Wheeler as low as 4.99%
    New & used 4 wheeler rates are posted on the LOAN RATES page.
  • Personal — See the LOAN RATES page for details.
  • First Mortgage — FIXED RATE LAND & 1ST MORTAGE
    Available in Mississippi & Louisiana. See LOAN RATES page.
    4.75% for up to 15 Years
    5.50% for up to 20 Years
  • Homestead Only — See the LOAN RATES page for details.
  • Land Only — Available in Mississippi only. See LOAN RATES page for details.
    4.75% for up to 5 Years
    5.75% for up to 10 Years
  • Share Secured — Share Secured Loans offer you the advantage of borrowing money at a low rate, and not draining your savings. This loan uses your shares as collateral and we charge the nominal rate of 2% over what you are earning. Available the same day!
  • THE RATES — Approved Credit Required Rates are determined by the Board of Directors & may be changed monthly without notice. Call VRCU for other rates.
    Real Estate Loans —
    Limited funds available for Real Estate.
    Rates as low as 8.00% based on your Trans Union credit score.
  • Mortgages – View loan rates and read more information.  Click Here

Other Services

  • Direct Deposit — Social Security, Pension & Payroll.
  • Drive-up Service —
  • GAP Coverage — GUARENTEED ASSET PROTECTION (GAP) INSURANCE PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE INVESTMENT, NOT JUST IT’S VALUE Protect your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, ATV or RV investment with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). Covers the “gap” between the vehicle’s value and the amount you still owe. Please contact VRCU for further details.
  • Night Deposit —
  • Notary Service — This service is provided free for our members.
  • Payroll Deduction —
  • Vehicle Pricing & Rebate Information — Vehicle Loans are available at a variety of rates. To smooth the vehicle process, call ahead and obtain a loan pre-approval! Not only does this give you purchasing power, but we will be glad to provide you with present vehicle values and your trade value!

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